Our Partners

Meet Our Partners: DIAN Interfidei


Institut Dialog Antariman di Indonesia or Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia abbreviated as Institute DIAN/Interfidei was established on December 20, 1991 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Built with the awareness that religious pluralism (including faiths of the tribes) in Indonesia is a sunaatullah or Divine gift, there is no individual or group can hinder, reject, or remove religious pluralism of which Indonesians believe. Also, there is no way to formulate the diverse religions and faiths in Indonesia into one, same, and uniform method. Therefore, religions and faiths are significant and powerful elements in the hearts of the people.

Aimed to turn religious pluralism into not merely quantitative but also (and should be) qualitatively functional because it affects values in life. Religions and faiths in Indonesia should be shared power to uphold justice, peace, and the integrity of all creation in Indonesia, and of course without violence. Starting research, building networks, and initiate dialogues are several strategies this non-profit organizations have been using in order to achiev its aims.


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